how i work

Here’s my typical process—which, of course, we customize to your needs, timeline, and budget.

Our initial contact may be by phone or email. You’ll tell me what you want to accomplish, and I’ll let you know whether I can help. (If I can’t, I’ll recommend someone who can.)

We’ll meet by phone or in person to discuss project specifics. Plan on a 15- to 30-minute consultation, no charge. We’ll discuss things like

    > topic, audience/hot buttons, and purpose
    > scope, length, timelines, resources, measures for success
    > the work process, including the number of expected reviews
    > the best medium for your message and your money

I’ll reflect on our discussion and propose a solution designed to achieve your goals. This proposal will

    > describe the project, objectives, and deliverables
    > list the scope of work and any underlying assumptions
    > suggest a delivery schedule
    > provide a statement of fees, deposit, and payment schedule

You’ll review the proposal and if acceptable, sign a letter of agreement which you’ll return to me with your deposit.

I’ll do the work and deliver on deadline. For long projects (those expected to take five or more weeks), I’ll send periodic progress reports to confirm where we stand with respect to accomplishing your objectives.